Collaboration. Creation. Reverberation.

Do you ever really stop to think  about the implications of the damage being inflicted on the very  land, water and air that all life on earth depends on to survive? 

Do you genuinely hear  the urgency of the call from the world’s younger generations to act now? 

Do you believe  in the power of the collective human spirit to shed the extractive practices of the industrialised world and achieve a global paradigm shift? 

Do you believe  in young people as artists, activists, leaders and change makers in their own right? 

Do you commit  to joining them in their mission to make lasting change?

We do. 

22 April
28 – 30 September

1 – 12 November

Earth Day and Project Launch
COP26 Youth Summit, Milan
COP26, Glasgow 

PHONE CALL TO THE WORLD is one of 17 global projects commissioned by the British Council that explores climate change and environmental crises through art, science and digital technology.

Groups of young people from three continents are engaging with climate change issues that impact them at a local level, coming together  to consider the wider global climate challenge. Using the simple holding framework of Phone Call to the World , young people from Scotland, South Africa, Palestine, England and India are creating digital performance work that will inform, question, confront and make demands of its different audiences to make a difference to one of the most pressing issues of our time.  

In collaboration with the Indra Congress network, the project offers young artists in 5 countries creative opportunity and global connection for scientific learning, shared understanding and artistic exploration. Their creative works will be shared via digital platforms and in live locations, seeking to inspire action and evoke change across their many audiences.

You can find many of the works hosted on the project’s interactive media map found on Google Earth

Please note that the Google Earth Interactive Media Map is only compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, and will open in a new tab.

The map has been created in collaboration with Pete Stollery.

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