“As a key audience for Explorathon, we want our researchers to inform and inspire young people. By working on this exciting project the content produced by young people will be informed by science and ensure their creations become a powerful resource in provoking debate about how society addresses climate change challenges.”

Project Description

Researchers from our universities are engaged in a range of projects investigating the impact of climate change and coming up with solutions to mitigate the impact or reduce carbon emissions. Our researchers will support the young people creating content by informing them of the science through talks, demonstrations and debates, will support them to come up with their own ideas about how climate change is addressed and how they could communicate their ideas.


Explorathon is Scotland’s participation in European Researchers’ Night, Europe’s largest public engagement with research event. A consortium of Scottish Universities coordinate an exciting programme of events bringing research to life across Scotland and showcasing research and researchers to a range of audiences.

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