“We really want this project to reach all of our students through different kinds of engagement and focusing on ideas that explore, interrogate, educate and respond to the connection between the environment and diversity, including gender equality and racial justice.”

Project Description

The project undertaken by us will consist of a variety of activities, competitions, discussions and critical dialogues around the topic. Along with this, we will undertake several plantation and clean-up drives in and around the city. Our goal is to talk about the relevance of “Recycling-Reusing-Reduction” of the waste produced on a daily basis. We hope to creatively engage  a large team of students and young leaders. An important aspect of the project will be conversations and discussions around the racial and caste based prejudices that exist in India.

Study Hall Educational Foundation

Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF) is an inclusive non-profit organisation with decades of experience and a track record of transforming the lives of millions of children, particularly those of girls and young women. SHEF’s interventions focus on community engagement and norm change, influencing government systems to be more equitable and running a network of model schools and outreach programs in rural and urban India. Our uniqueness and merit lie in our egalitarian inclusiveness and our holistic, social justice-focused approach to directly address the patriarchal system in India.

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