“It is important for young people to keep a strong bond with their land that they were deprived of as a result of the occupation. It is important for them to sense and feel the needs of this land and its environment and learn more about ways through which they can not only protect it but also preserve it and love it.”

Project Description

Al-Harah Theater will connect a group of young Palestinian artists and influencers with Palestinian creative environment activists who have a significant record of work towards environment and Climate Change within the current Palestinian context. Through a series of workshops and meetings, the group of young people will get introduced to the issues and methods that the environmental specialists work to advocate for, sharing that knowledge with young people of partner organisations through online meetings. The young artists will then use all this knowledge and inspiration to create their artistic production that reflects the message they want to convey.

Al-Harah Theater

Al-Harah Theater is a Not-for-Profit Cultural Organisation based in Beit-Jala in Palestine, established in 2005. Al-Harah Theater has been committed to building and maintaining a civil society that emphasises human rights, democracy and freedom of expression through working directly with children, youth, and older age groups. Through performances, festivals, training programmes and cultural projects, Al-Harah Theater has been able to engage the local community in Palestine, reaching out to marginalised areas and gazing towards international communities in different countries – building partnerships to develop its own work and the performing arts sector in Palestine. 

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