“Young people have a clarity of thinking and understanding about climate change that its so important to hear. Our hope is that the work will support them in developing their voices further and help them to be heard.”

Gorse Hill Studios

Gorse Hill Studios Creative Community is an ambitious and creative youth charity, who believe that all young people must have the right social, emotional and educational investment in their future. It works with young people by engaging them through the arts, music and alternative arts accreditations, encouraging them to value themselves by taking an active role in their learning and education. Gorse Hill Studios supports them through building achievable, aspirational pathways for their futures.

Engaging the community

Gorse Hill Studios were aware of the gap in environmental policy and action in the Trafford district when they became involved in Phone Call to the World. They found that areas such as Trafford Park – the first planned industrial estate in the world and still the largest in Europe – had no support groups or businesses dedicated to addressing the environmental impacts of what was being produced at these facilities.

And with limited access to the arts for young people and the local community, they were aware that participatory workshops, arts activities and small-scale, local activism would begin to develop these much-needed relations within community networks.

One method to inspire community engagement and raise awareness on climate change issues was through occupying space at Stretford Market with participatory activities, including screen printing tote bags, writing environmental pledges and holding discussions about climate change and the Phone Call to the World project. It became an opportunity for Gorse Hill to engage with people where they were, to talk about everyday action and to share information about COP26, which many members of the community were unfamiliar with. Responsibility and where it lies was a key theme that resonated throughout all of their projects. They found through these creative learnings and discussions with the community, the responsibility lies with every individual to continue the environmental work that Phone Call to the World has kindled.

How Dare You

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