“This project places the power of the arts to stir emotional and intellectual engagement firmly in the hands of young artists, harnessing their creativity and amplifying their voices. It is made all the richer by the international collaboration that we know will bring new perspectives, shared understanding and demands for change.”

Project Description

Young people from across Scotland will collaborate in three distinct project strands intersecting ecological arts practice and digital theatre, led by professional artists working in Scotland. This includes a national strand for young people, youth arts organisations and community groups focusing on the 14-17 age range, offering new writing and performance opportunities in the creation of short sound pieces. Two geographically focused strands for emerging artists aged 18-25 will form new collaborations exploring the local and national issues of rewilding, deforestation, renewable energy and fossil fuel economies.

Scottish Youth Theatre

Scottish Youth Theatre is a young artists’ development organisation, committed to young people’s agency, equity and social justice in the arts. 

Working with young people aged 14-25 across intersections and geographies, the company strives to create frameworks for aspiring and emerging young creatives to flourish. An environment where young artists are at the helm of their own creative journeys and the work they make is their opportunity to interrogate, question and reflect on things that matter to them. They are matched with experienced professionals to broaden their artistic horizons, challenge their assumptions and amplify their individual and collective voices.  

Scottish based projects are supported by National Lottery Community Fund

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