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“Our hope is that we will connect with youth across the world in artistic collaboration on a common global topic. It is important as, with our social challenges, climate change is not top of the agenda for transformation, but this project is already igniting a passion for knowledge and action.”

Project Description

ARROWSA will lead a diverse team of 58 people: leaders, artists and youth participants from ARROWSA, Durban and SRI, Cape Town between April and November 2021. Online arts activities and face-to-face meetings for social change will take place between the two teams and with non-art experts. Coming from different geographical regions they will address local environmental issues and consider cultural and land dispossession impacts. In October 2021, the Durban and Cape Town teams will collaborate for a week in Durban in the scripting and creating of a performance that will be disseminated online and to local audiences.


ARROWSA (Art a Resource for Reconciliation Over the World South Africa) is a registered voluntary non-profit organisation (Reg 088-058 NPO) based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. ARROWSA focuses on sustainable arts, culture and heritage projects/programmes, performances and events that engage youth in face-to-face or online engagement. These projects, performances and events take place locally, nationally, Africa-wide, and internationally. They make use of arts, culture and heritage for personal and social change. ARROWSA ensures sustainable growth and quality in the programmes and projects by engaging in participatory, action-based research conducted within the organisation or in partnership with tertiary institutions.

South Roots International

South Roots International (SRI) is a nonprofit company working in previously marginalised communities of the Western Cape in South Africa. They address social injustices of the past and use cultural performing arts for social transformation and reconciliation.

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